Dr Davinderjamus – why you need a crown for your teeth

Conditions when you need a crown for your teeth.

Teeth can often be damaged by either a dental trauma or as the result of decay or infection. This can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort to the you  and often requires emergency dental treatment or even dental surgery. This usually takes the form of trying to prevent further exposure of the sensitive part of the tooth to stimuli using a dental crown

Dental crowns are commonly made from either metal, porcelain or a combination of the two. Many patients opt for solid porcelain crowns because they give the best aesthetic results. First, the dentist will isolate the area that is causing the problem and then design and manufacture a dental crown to fit over the top of the existing tooth. The traditional method of crown manufacture involves using dental moulds and x-rays but modern technology allows the dentist to use three-dimensional imaging to generate a computer image of the tooth. They can then design the crown on the screen before instructing a machine to sculpt the dental crown.

Dental crowns are made to cover all the parts of the tooth that are exposed above the gum line. This way they protect the teeth from any further damage or infection. The new crown will be cemented over the top of the existing tooth using a composite dental resin, which will be set firm using a dental laser. Once in place, the new crown should be cleaned exactly like a normal tooth and if properly maintained can last for up to twenty years before it needs replacing.

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Dental Implant By Dentist Jamus

Dental Implant & Its Importance and Popularity !

Dental Implant is very popular among Middle aged people and spreading among all the generation. Dental implant is very important which increases your teeth functionality up-to a very good extent.

The factor that arise the cause of dental implant

With age and declining metabolism, our teeth also become fragile and one of the most conspicuous signs of aging is the loss of teeth. Temporary apparatus like bridges and dentures were the only recourse for people who had lost teeth. So, when the news about Dental implants slowly spread, curiosity gave rise to greater rate of adoption of the Dental implants. As the popularity for Dental implants grew, people of all ages have been exposed to the benefits of the dental implants. It can be safely said that at present Dental implants are not only a rage in the older population but is also perceived as a great cosmetic tool for the younger population. The young crowd is more interested in the “mini” dental implants which replace a set of tooth instead of the complete set. The adoption and success rates of Dental implants have demonstrated it is one of the most promising cosmetic dentistry procedures of current times. The success rates are near perfect when it is performed by such highly rated dental experts as at Kensington dental.
Considered as one of the life-changing innovations in the field of cosmetic dentistry, Dental implants is the most sought after procedure in patients of all ages – and the best part is that the procedure is affordable for most patients. In addition to adding taste and zest into our lives, Dental implants also play a big role in giving us a youthful appearance. Many of the senior patients have a hard time digesting the fact that they don’t need to change their dentures every night before going to sleep – seemed too good to be true!

Kensington dental is a perfect place to visit for any of yours dental problem where you will get  satisfactory treatment.

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Dentist Davinder Singh Jamus

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